Cancer and exercise

I’d lie on the bed in the warmth of my bedroom, weary and demoralized, feeling a thousand-years old, wondering how I was going to cope with this new challenge to my life. I knew it was important to stay positive and as active as possible and, reading how exercise had a positive effect on fatigue, stress and moods, some doctors arguing it actually counteracted cancer, I decided to visit a gym as often as possible, no matter how tired or in what discomfort I might be, or how depressed, simply to get out of the house, stay active and socialize, consciously cultivating a good habit. Working out at the gym was occasionally tedious but helped maintain a veneer of ‘normalcy’, brought shape to the day, allowed me to exercise a measure of control over what was happening to me in the full knowledge that if I stayed home all day the unpleasant psychological and emotional side-effects of the chemo would take their toll.

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