THE CHEMO AFFAIR when cancer strikes a marriage

“The gastroenterologist said she’d found two cancers and smiling cheerfully through a sedated haze Will thanked her and beamed up at Faith wondering why she seemed so perturbed.”

And so began the chemo affair.

Diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer Will commences extensive chemotherapy as Faith unearths a misappropriation of funds in the organisation she directs.

At first Will thinks the chemo won’t be too bad but he’s wrong. The side-effects are awful and not just physically – psychologically and emotionally. Weary, despondent or off with the ‘chemo fairies’ preoccupied with survival, Will feels as if he’s a worthless burden but soon tires of saying ‘sorry’.

Faith’s wrong, too, underestimating the impact Will’s chemo will have on her professional and domestic responsibilities. Exhausted, stressed and never knowing from one cycle to the next what Will’s moods or capacities will be, she soon tires of feeling guilty.

Inevitably misunderstandings develop dredging up unresolved antagonisms obscured by youth, career and family and pushing the relationship to the brink.

When Will’s therapy and Faith’s employment end with a disturbing twist, they confront an uncertain future. Has their faith in chemotherapy been warranted? Will their marriage survive The Chemo Affair?


Distinguished Australian historian Dr Gary Lewis has published extensively on agricultural, credit, consumer, worker and community-settlement co-operatives and co-operatives’ associations.

Wounded: a Great War novel, a historical fiction evoking his father’s experience in World War One was published by BookBaby in 2013.

The Chemo Affair is Gary’s first excursion into realistic fiction.

Dr Lewis lives in the beautiful Australian seaside township of Byron Bay.

The Author Dr Gary Lewis
The Author Dr Gary Lewis


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